Thursday, July 29, 2010

Your Guide to the World of Avatar: The Last Airbender

First of all, we're restoring Avatar to the title of this property. Mostly because that's the name everyone knows it by, and also because James Cameron doesn't have a copyright on that word. That's ridiculous. Right? Wait ... Xbox Live virtual representations of your self are now called XboxCuties? Curses, he got to Microsoft too. I guess everyone has their breaking point. Speaking of breaking points, it looks like The Last Airbender might be the breaking point for film critics. It's been getting some scathing reviews.

But you know what? This film, just like the animated television series that it's based on, was made for children, and children are going to love this thing. It's got action, martial arts, fire, magic and a floating buffalo thingy in it, and that's just about all they need to enjoy something. Yes, the acting is fairly terrible. Yes, they white-washed the film with their casting. Yes, Dev Patel's one emotion in this film is smoulder. But if I had seen this when I was seven years old, I would have loved it. 

Because many of you are either excited about seeing this, or have kids who are dragging you to the theater kicking and screaming, here's a little Avatar: The Last Airbender primer for you. Just so you won't get lost, like the two people sitting next to me earlier this week who kept whispering "I don't get it" to each other.

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