Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Wrap-Up 7.2.2010

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Here's what went on today in the world of video games, technology and popular culture!

Activision has reissued its previously available downloadable content for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. We interview the designer of NCAA Football 11. According to Sony, PlayStation Home is a "huge success." Creedence Clearwater Revival to make their debut on Rock Band next week. We have some details on the Michael Jackson dance game coming up. Conduit 2 picks up where the last one left off, and one of the developers tells us all about it. Grand Theft Auto inspired some kids in Massachusetts to do crime.

Up and coming actor Andrew Garfield just nabbed the role of a lifetime when he was named the new Spider-Man. Owners of Perfect Dark XBLA who pick up Crackdown 2 will have access to an exclusive character in PD multiplayer. LEGO Star Wars III will be better than the movie was, right? One of the developers gives us some inside information. VIDEO: Epic Fable 3 Wolf-Slaughtering Rescue Blair brings you some choice graphic novels, including Blacksad, Gotham Central, Jonah Hex: No Way Back, Invincible, and Underground Just a friendly reminder that the Transformers: War for Cybertron double XP July 4th weekend starts tonight. Rock Band's lead designer is moving onto Twisted Pixel. The Robot Uprising hasn't made things much easier for the hu-man race, and these cold, calculating machines take great pleasure in rubbing our If you're looking for some new tracks for your favorite music games, then check out this week's music DLC roundup. The Lord of the Rings isn't quite finished, and now we get to explore the War in the North. Check out our interview with the developer

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