Monday, July 26, 2010

Details On The Upcoming Lost Epilogue Short

When Lost's Michael Emerson appeared on AOTS last month, Kevin Pereira seemingly stumbled onto a bit of a scoop involving an epilogue of sorts featuring Hurley and Ben to be included on the upcoming release of Lost: The Complete Collection. Well, that 11 minute endcap to the epic series now has a name: "The New Man in Charge." (Now, if only Hugo could change his name to "Charles.") Details are still a bit sketchy as to whether or not the short will be exclusive to The Complete Collection set or if it will also be available on the Season 6 DVD/Blu-Ray, all of which will be released on August 24.

The epilogue will shine some light on the period after Hurley became the Island's protector and Ben assumed the role of his number two. As Emerson implied in the AOTS interview, it's a rich period that will likely be the source for much of the post-series "expanded universe" material. While it may only be 11 minutes, that's more than enough time to set the tone for all of those would-be projects. We'll likely see not only what Hurley's agenda will be, but how his relationship with Ben, (which we can assume from the finale, ended on a good note) will take shape. Jarett Wieselman of The New York Post apparently got to see the first minute of the new footage and commented that "the long wait is worth it!"

Here's to hoping that the chapter will indeed be included with Season 6. It would be the ultimate middle finger to fans who have already purchased the existing seasons, regardless of format, to essentially dangle this Easter Egg as an incentive to re-buy them. It seems excessively evil, which leads me to believe that the fears will prove unfounded and that we probably will get "The New Man in Charge" with Season 6. 

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