Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rock Your Freedom: Songs For A Patriotic Weekend

America. This is the weekend you celebrate your independence, and your escape from under the tyrannical oppression of Great Britain. "Taxation without representation" became the rallying cry that stoked the fires of eventual revolution, and on July 4, 1776, you declared yourself independent. Awesome. What's the best way to celebrate that event? Why, with rock and roll, of course.

It's hard to think of few things more quintessentially American than fireworks, hamburgers on the grill, the smell of suntan lotion, and sweet, unfiltered, pure rock and roll. That's why you need to Rock Your 4th with these songs. We're not showing favorites here between Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and the only thing we really wish was that "America, Eff Yeah" from the Team America soundtrack was available in either of these games.

Have a rockin' holiday, and go activate that Star Power already!

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