Monday, July 19, 2010

Samsung to Ship TVs with SRS TheaterSound

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Samsung Electronics has become the first flat panel TV manufacturer to ship TVs equipped with SRS TheaterSound which is the most advanced and effective all-in-one HDTV audio solution.

The Samsung TVs address the three most common audio complaints new TV owners gripe about which is inconsistent volume levels, unintelligible vocals, and just over all a poor & flat sound.

It will automatically detect and fix abrupt volume fluctuations that normally occur when TV programming switches to commercial break or while changing channels.

Intelligently separates vocals from all other content (music, movies, etc.) and dynamically adjusts the dialog level to ensure it's always clearly understood.

Delivers up to a 5.1 surround sound experience from multichannel content using built-in TV speakers, and significantly enhances both depth and dimension.

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