Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why HD DVD Really Lost The Format War

NO... It is MY fault...

for the last 30 years I have pushed a string up hill trying to get the world to record video to optical discs.. My good friend Kilroy Hughes would listen to me, dirnk with me, and laugh we me at NABs etc.. but would not successfully learn from me that the BD medium is the right way to go... for reasons that:

1)its first and formost a RECORDING format (neat for download and burns of the future)

2)Toshiba does not know marketing

3)Microsoft thinks servers not burners

4)Hollywood has very few tech-heads... the last were working at Pixar, who morphed into Disney...who must listen to Sir Stevie Jobs

5)and the best... 50 gigs is a bigger number than 30 gigs.. and SOON 200 gigs is bigger than 50 gigs... now THAT should have been the killer issue for folks in Redmond.

YET... I have been strongly in the camp that HD-i is the RIGHT way to go on the puter side, the only mistake was to believe that CHEAPER is better...

If any of you who read this want me to help them through this recovery period, and to build a "compromise" that will work for everyone... You can rattle my cage at anytime

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