Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More HD DVD players than Blu-ray players in America. Still. In 2009.

It's crazy to me that the biggest reason that Blu-Ray had a luke warm reception in the first place, was down to the fact that Sony kept bringing out new profiles, and each time it was more than likely that your very expensive Blu-Ray player would need to be replaced with another player.

It's nice to see that Sony has given us a couple of years to invest in new profile 2 hardware, just for them to bring out a need to buy a new player all over again!!!

This is at the heart of what is spoilling Ble-Ray's adoption in to the market, with high prices being the second reason.

On the other hand, if Microsoft release a new Xbox, it would be stupid to not move to a Blu-Ray based storage system - lets face it, DVD is out of steam already, and not all the world has ultra fast broadband connections, and not to mention the fact that MS's movies are not available in many countries.

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