Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blu-ray on Xbox 360: Never. Thank goodness for that

OK, I get all of your points as to why MS supporting Blue-Ray is a bad thing Andy. �But what your (MS) doing, is making me buy a PS3, because the stand alone Blue-Ray players are an unknown quantity if Sony choose to roll out a new profile.

MS offer downloads, but they are only for American users, the rest of the world has 2 choices, buy a PS3, or take a gamble on a stand alone player, either way, this is not a win for us consumers, nor is it a win for Microsoft.

I love my Xbox360, and I love the HD-DVD player, and I would love a Blue-Ray player to make my Xbox give me the best of all worlds.

I fail to see why you think this is a good situation?

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